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Train to become a home inspector with iGo Academy and get access to companies hiring across the country.

Jump-start your home inspection business venture and receive ongoing support from our national network of leading home inspection companies.

The gold standard of home inspector training

When it comes to home inspector education, not all schools are created equal. And in an industry where certified doesn’t always mean qualified, your choice of training school matters. iGo Academy is the preferred training program for the nation’s leading and fastest-growing home inspection companies. An iGo certification automatically sets you apart from the crowd and ahead of the competition.

Expert Instructors

With countless years of combined experience and some of the industry’s leading inspectors offering instruction, we will prepare you for on-the-job success through hands-on training.

Community Support

Priceless support from a national network of the top home inspection companies & coaches to help you succeed throughout your career, from inspector to business owner.

Job Matching

iGo’s national network of home inspection business owners are looking for inspectors who have the skills and quality training that you will receive at iGo.

Your new career starts at iGo Academy

Whether you’re looking to work for an established inspection company or you’re a budding entrepreneur, iGo gives you more than a certificate. We are dedicated to your long term success in partnership with our community of leading home inspection companies nationwide.

A day in the life of a home inspector

Have you ever wondered what a career in home inspection entails? Learn more from iGo Community member and owner of Top to Bottom Services, Dan Deist. Dan has nearly 20 years of experience operating a successful inspection business and gives his account on what it takes to be a successful home inspector.


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Hear what real students and inspectors have to say about iGo Academy and their experience with our industry leading team.

  • positive review  I recommend InspectionGo Academy. Instructors are great and the material is really detailed. I enjoyed my classes and learned more than I thought I would. Thanks

    Marc Keim Avatar Marc Keim

    positive review  Very friendly staff, great school.

    Cameron Catlett Avatar Cameron Catlett

    positive review  Great staff, very friendly and willing to help you with questions.

    Ernesto Diosdado Avatar Ernesto Diosdado
  • positive review  For anyone looking into Home inspection, I highly recommend InspectionGo Academy. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They take their time to explain things and answer any questions. The program they put together has all the information and tools you need to get ready for the state exam.

    Bryan Larsen Avatar Bryan Larsen

    positive review  Incredible instructors and community. They truly care about the individual and are passionate about bettering the inspection industry. I learned so much in such a short about of time. I feel extremely prepared for a new career in real estate inspection.

    Hailey Marie Drew Avatar Hailey Marie Drew

    positive review  Anyone looking into home inspection should consider inspection go. The material is very in depth, but you have support anytime you need anything! I truly enjoyed the course

    Chris Buschbach Avatar Chris Buschbach
  • positive review  Very well put together class, tons of information, and the instructors made it interesting and showed plenty of real life examples. Thanks Bob for the great class!

    Nick Hardy Avatar Nick Hardy

    positive review  Very knowledgeable instructors, if I had any questions they would answer it and if they didn’t know it, they would come back the next day with the answer. Their care service is awesome as well, I was having trouble with getting my ride along scheduled and the very next day I got a phone call and they got it all worked out.

    Easton Richards Avatar Easton Richards

    positive review  I attended InspectionGo Academy in October 2020. With a group of students from across the country, we took in so much valuable information and learned about various home systems we will encounter in the field. The IGo course was led and taught by 5-6 well-experienced instructors who each offered their knowledge for two weeks with great communication, pictures, videos, content and quizzing for what would be seen in a career in Home Inspection. Feeling confident after taking this course.

    Joseph Hamer Avatar Joseph Hamer
  • positive review  Knowledgeable instructors and an easy-to-follow format. Very helpful support for members/students before, during, and after taking the home inspection course.

    Matt VanCleave Avatar Matt VanCleave

    positive review  Terrific online experience everyone was knowledgeable and questions answered in live time.

    Ricardo Geronimo Avatar Ricardo Geronimo

    positive review  I recommend InspectionGo Academy.

    Olivier Ajdnik Avatar Olivier Ajdnik
  • positive review  The learning method is very intense with lots of information! The cumulative knowledge of the instructors is very impressive. The instructors where helpful and friendly. I recommend this course to anyone that is serious about becoming a home inspector.

    Stephen Sereday Avatar Stephen Sereday

    positive review  Hello all looking to sign up for Inspection Go Academy. I would absolutely recommended signing up for this course. They prepare you to either create your own business, or be hired by an inspection company in your area. The course work is difficult and it should be. There is a massive amount of reading materials provided and videos. They provide an entire dashboard and “facebook” like community with unlimited access. The dashboard will allow me to keep in touch with not only the academy but anyone who has taken it and master inpsectors ready to answer any question you have. The tests are also very difficult but the fact that I passed them all has me ready to take on anything the home inspection field can throw at me. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone at Inspection Go Academy and I cannot wait to move forward with my home inspection career and continue to learn with the resources I’ve been given by Inspection Go Academy.

    Nick Pabon Avatar Nick Pabon

    positive review  Great training for every aspect of a home inspection. Software is provided at no additional cost for your learning benefit. Practical education in a user-friendly format. Highly recommended, I was able to secure a career with a company, instantly, after finishing the program. Thank you, iGo.

    Jacey Carroll Avatar Jacey Carroll
  • positive review  This class was an absolute blast. It was challenging and interactive. John, Kevin, and Scott did a great job preparing us for future inspections. I will recommend utilizing the quizlet links, and other resources that they share in the group chats as they are more directed at how the quizzes and final exams are designed. 10/10 would recommend this class to anyone interested in pursuing a career in home Inspection.

    Joey Morneault Avatar Joey Morneault

    positive review  I’m not gonna lie, it was tough! I recommend that you put your brain in quiz mode!! Thanks to Bob, Steve, and everyone for making it fun, as well as challenging, you were great!!

    Julie Teeter Avatar Julie Teeter

    positive review  They help jam a lot of information into a short amount of time. Overall a great experience. They could definitely use more pictures to help us visualize things. I would also recommend that they help develop more materials for the students i.e. study guides and sample checklists for the field.

    Kris Rankin Avatar Kris Rankin
  • positive review  Very good school. Lots of info in a short period of time. Bob Hintze did a great job teaching and answering questions. Steve and eddy were also really helpful. Overall good experience. Member care will help in a timely manner with any problems you may run into.

    Jacob Byess Avatar Jacob Byess

    positive review  This course was amazing, the instructors are even better. I was unable to watch the classes daily due to my job, and everyone was super accommodating. Every time I had a problem or question I got a detailed answer on how to move forward. They really care about their students, to a degree which I have not seen before. Going to be an honor to join these guys in the field.

    Travis Taylor Avatar Travis Taylor

    positive review  Great school, lots of info in a short amount of time. David Sherwood was a fantastic teacher. Chris and Paul were great as well. Their knowledge and patience was crucial to my understanding of the curriculum. They, as well as Kevin, want to see you succeed, and show it. Thanks guys!

    Keith Corley Avatar Keith Corley
  • positive review  Instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and obviously care about making sure they pass that knowledge and experience to their students.

    Michael Watt Avatar Michael Watt

    positive review  The home inspection training was amazing. the instructors Bob, Steve and Eddy were very knowledgeable and spent so much time to answer everyone's questions. I didn't expect this course to be as amazing as it was. If you are looking to change your career and have no idea of what it takes to be a home inspector. I-GO Academy will get you prepared for jumping into start inspecting homes right away.

    Jared Norris Avatar Jared Norris

    positive review  I didn’t know what to expect coming into a new career field and attending a school with no prior knowledge of it. I have to say that Dave, Chris, Kevin, Paul and Kathy made this an amazing experience. I was surprised at how much they love what they do and showed me how fun and exciting this is going to be. I highly recommend this school and I will be taking all my continuing education courses through InspectionGo. I’d like to thank all of my instructors for helping me through the transition and making it a memorable experience.

    Nick Hedges Avatar Nick Hedges
  • positive review  Thank you Inspection Go Team. You all have a wealth of knowledge and I am great full I got the opportunity to learn from all of you. Thank you David, Chris, and Paul. You all get A+++ in my book.

    Anthony Cho Avatar Anthony Cho

    positive review  The best instructors who know how to teach. Some are founders of the industry and bring a uncommon perspective. Looking forward to hiring company ride along.

    Ronnie Roseboro Avatar Ronnie Roseboro

    positive review  I did the 2-week basic instruction course, very easy to follow and informative. Overall the IGO Academy does an awesome job preparing you to become a home inspector, whether working for a company or starting your own.

    Jecsan Perez Avatar Jecsan Perez