Become a Home Inspector

Become a Home Inspector

Interested in becoming a home inspector, but need more training? You’ve come to the right place.
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The gold standard of home inspector training

When it comes to home inspector education, not all schools are created equal. And in an industry where certified doesn’t always mean qualified, your choice of training school matters.

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Attend real, on-site inspections
Instruction from active master inspectors
Multiple course options to match your learning style
Pathways for success past graduation
Tuition reimbursement available in over 170 cities*

*Tuition reimbursement is provided only if you’re hired by a company within iGo’s affiliated partner network

Why home inspection?

Secure a bright future in a thriving industry. Home inspection offers a stable and profitable career with endless opportunities.


Uncapped Earning Potential
The average home inspector makes $70,000 a year with the ability to make even more. Since the salary is based on the number of inspections performed, home inspectors can enjoy an uncapped earning potential.


Business Opportunity

55% of inspectors will retire over the next five years, creating a high demand for the next generation of home inspectors.


Industry Outlook

Real Estate is the largest industry in the country with 6.5 million homes sold per year. 75% of houses sold are inspected, a total of 4,875,000 each year.

A home inspection career gives you...

Desk Freedom
High Earning Potential
Opportunities for Growth
Ability to Help Others
Not Physically Demanding
Feeling of Reward

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