Start a Business

Unmatched support beyond graduation​

At iGo Academy, we’re committed to your ultimate success. And if you’re looking to start a business, you’ve come to the right place. iGo Academy is the only training school that offers access to the tools and support to succeed long after you’ve left the classroom. Welcome to priceless support from a national network of the top home inspection company owners and coaches to help you succeed throughout your career, from inspector to business owner.

Other Schools

With traditional inspector training schools, you get a basic course and are on your own after graduation.

  • Complete course

  • Take the Exam

  • Bye, Goodluck!

iGo Academy

At iGo Academy, you receive comprehensive home inspector training and continuous support long after you’ve left the classroom. Enjoy priceless support through the iGo Community how and when you need it.

  • Pre-Class Work

  • Attend Course

  • Take the Exam

  • Attend Field Training

  • Start Your Business

  • Join the iGo Community

  • Continuous Support

Start Planning Your Future!