Heating System Inspections

Heating System Inspections Technical Course

Course Description | 8-Hour Self-Paced Course

Learn how to identify and inspect heating systems using applicable standards for material selection and installation procedures to assess immediate and long-term safety and maintenance issues that may affect people or the performance of the building. Understand which professional and/or resource is most appropriate to refer a client to for maintenance/correction of defects.

  • Module 1 – Mechanical Inspection Introduction
  • Module 2 – Basic Concepts, Terminology, Combustion Air
  • Module 3 – Inspecting Heating Systems, Gas Forced Air Furnaces
  • Module 4 – Inspecting Gas Furnaces
  • Module 5 – Gas & Oil- Floor Furnaces, Wall Furnaces
  • Module 6 – Gas & Oil- Vented and Unvented Room Heaters, Vented Decorative Appliances
  • Module 7 – Category I Gas Appliance Venting
  • Module 8 – Category I Gas Appliance Venting Defects
  • Module 9 – Category III and IV Gas Appliance Ventings
  • Module 10 – Oil Heating Systems
  • Module 11 – Electric Heating Systems
  • Module 12 – Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Module 13 – Steam Heating Systems
  • Module 14 – Solid Fuel or Dual Fuel Furnaces and Boilers
  • Module 15 – Humidifiers


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