Becoming an Inspector

The Journey to Your New Career in Home Inspection with iGo

  • Licensing

    Learn about licensing requirements in your state. View state requirements or Contact our team for support.

  • Pre-Class

    Complete your pre-class work before iGo Academy training begins.

  • Attend Course

    Attend iGo Academy training courses online.

  • Take the Exam

    Study for your state’s home inspection licensing exam and pass to become certified.

Choose Your Path

Choose a path that’s right for you. As a member of iGo’s Community of independent home inspectors, you have access to the support you will need throughout your career no matter your focus.

  • Inspector

    Work for a company or as a solo inspector. Continue with a hands-on career in the inspection industry.

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  • Business Owner

    Start an inspection business of your own. Learn the ins and outs of running a successful inspection company.

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  • Continued Education

    Increase your knowledge and certifications with iGo CE (continuing education) opportunities.

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Here’s What Our Graduates are Saying

"Incredible instructors and community. They truly care about the individual and are passionate about bettering the inspection industry. I learned so much in such a short about of time. I feel extremely prepared for a new career in real estate inspection."
- Hailey Marie Drew